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Counter with storage and display units

Foodservice & Servery Counters



For a variety of clients we have constructed and installed many different types of bars and counter. Whether you require additions or refurbishment of an existing counter, or a completely new fabrication we can work with you to design, construct and install not only an attractive design, but also one that is fully functional and long lasting. Whether your requirements are for a coffee shop or cafe, pub or restaurant we can create your vision. The limits are your imagination.
Hot and Cold Stainless Steel Servery Counter

Hot and Cold stainless steel servery counter, with tubular tray slide,
beech laminate fascia and black plinth fabricated for
major retail chain head office
Restaurant service counter

Counter with Corian top and tray slide, fabricated by KCM
for supermarket coffee counter.

Coffee bar counter

Coffee bar restaurant showing new counter, passover,
decoration and flooring by KCM 


Stainless Steel Servery Counter

Stainless steel servery counter with bains marie, ceran hotplate
soup unit and condiment & cutlery unit, with tubular tray slide,
beech laminate fascia and black plinth


Staff canteen servery counter

New counter, flooring and decoration and furniture
for staff restaurant


Foodservice Counter

Stainless steel top counter with ambient and refrigerated
counter top equipment and hot drinks machine


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Foodservice, hot and cold servery counters for restaurants, canteens and all catering premises