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Falcon Chieftain


The Falcon Chieftain series of heavy duty catering equipment is designed to endure the everyday rigours of a busy, high output kitchen.

Manufactured utilising the latest technology and quality materials to guarantee long-term reliability, Chieftain products are ideal for high-output foodservice applications.

The portfolio includes Ranges, Boiling Tables, Bains Marie, Bratt Pans, Grills and Fryers - all built to the same high specification. The range includes both gas and electric equipment especially suited to busy restaurants, food processing units, schools and other high volume catering establishments.


The full range of products from Falcon Chieftain is available from KCM at highly competitive prices. For further details please see our equipment pages under the headings of the specific equipment you require.

To download literature on the Falcon Chieftain range of catering equipment see the links by each item of equipment.


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