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Falcon PRO-LITE Electric Counter-top Catering Equipment



Small and perfectly formed, the Falcon PRO-LITE range is ideal for the smaller establishment where space is at a premium and quality is essential. And in an industry where set-up time is money. the simple installation of this all-electric range means that. in most cases, your business cane be up and running as soon as your units are delivered.

The broad and comprehensive PRO-LITE range has been expertly designed to satisfy every catering need. Of modular construction, PRO-LITE is versatile and flexible across all its products. That means you can fit out the precise kitchen you need - within the space you have and without compromise. Each unit has been designed to suite seamlessly with its family members - your low cost opportunity to display a co-ordinated 'custom-built' image.

The range is ideal for all tight-for-space catering establishments - from pubs and small restaurants to snack bars, guesthouses and coffee shops. Maximum usability in the least possible space.

And more.

The stylish design of the Falcon PRO-LITE range allows you to have your cooking in full view of your customers - an increasingly popular option in today's competitive marketplace. PRO-LITE'S easy clean stainless steel finish incorporated with its stylish front fascia allows you to spend more time cooking food than cleaning the equipment.

Falcon prides itself in top quality design and manufacture, so you can always be certain of a well finished, well built product. Buying a PRO-LITE unit means hard-working reliability and dependable performance. Ana the most persuasive fact of all is this. Knowing that Falcon's unique combination of design and performance is built into every aspect of the PRO-LITE range, you will be amazed how low the price is.

With PRO-LITE, the kitchen fits perfectly - and so does the price.

The full range of products from Falcon PRO-LITE is available from KCM at highly competitive prices. For further details please see our equipment pages under the headings of the specific equipment you require.

To download literature on the Falcon PRO-LITE range of compact countertop electric catering equipment right click below and select 'save as' (this is an Adobe acrobat file) :



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