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'F2' Stainless Steel Modular Bar System from IMC



F2 is the new and revolutionary stainless steel underbar system that offers a unique blend of quality, flexibility and functionality at an amazingly competitive price. Contemporary curved legs, smooth edges and carefully designed shelving come together to give the unmistakable look of F2. F2 has been developed for use in all types of venues, including pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, sports centres and student unions. IMC F2 Stainless Steel Bar System
IMC F2 Bar System Glass Rack IMC F2 Bar System Sink Unit IMC F2 Bar System Ice Well
F2 is designed with you in mind, to help you create effective workstations to maximise your staff productivity, boost sales and increase your profits. F2 is a modular system so bar design, installation and refurbishment is easy. Underbar workstations can also be replaced, moved or added with a minimum of disruption. F2 modules have an overall depth of 475mm and a worktop depth of 450mm. Modules can easily be installed in existing locations using standard wooden, granite, Corian or similar solid surface bar tops. F2 underbar modules can be built into new bars, or used in refurbishment projects to improve the performance of existing bar areas.  IMC F2 Bar System Speed Rail

IMC F2 Bar System Drip Tray

F2 is an innovative concept in stainless steel underbar systems designed with you and your staff in mind. Made up of functional modules and creating a work surface located 860mm from the floor with splash backs at 920mm, F2 provides your staff with the perfect working environment. The highest quality components are used for F2, so every module is robust and hard wearing for a long operating life. Stainless Steel ensures that F2 blends perfectly in modern style and leisure bars, yet provides the elegance and practicality required in traditional pubs or hotel bars.
KCM can provide a complete service to compliment the F2 range, we are able to take your project from initial conception providing a full design and quotation for not just the supply of the F2 range but also all the associated enabling works, services, bar fronts, tops, floors, walls, ceilings, finishes and installation providing a single point of contact from start to finish.

IMC F2 Bar System

IMC F2 Bar System Shelf Units
Stainless steel shelves 400mm,
600mm and 800mm wide

Wire Shelves with Drip Trays
400mm and 800mm wide
IMC F2 Bar System Basket Racks
Available for 400mm, 450mm
and 500mm wide

IMC F2 Bar System Shelf Drainer
Stainless steel shelves 400mm
and 600mm wide

IMC F2 Bar System Ice Chests
Available 400mm and 600mm

IMC F2 Bar System Beer Station
Available 627mm wide

IMC F2 Bar System Sink Units
Available 400mm wide

IMC F2 Bar System Storage Cupboards
Available 400mm wide

IMC F2 Bar System Bridge Units
Plain Bridges available 400mm,
600mm and 800mm wide

Drainer Bridges available 400mm
and 600mm wide

Other units available in Hand Wash Stations (400mm) and Till Units (500mm, 600mm and 700mm).

Accessories include single and double speed rails, bottle openers, decor panels, worktop end infills, side frames, bar supports and bottle skips.

For further information on units available, our design service, pricing or other services please contact our sales team on 01476 593062 or email your enquiry using our contacts page.

Our new website at has more information and pricing on the F2 modular units.

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IMC F2 Stainless steel modular bar system for restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs