Hygineic wall cladding

Stainless steel wall cladding

Hygienic Wall Cladding & Stainless Steel Wall Cladding

Hygienic wall cladding

We can install a variety of wall coverings for your premises that will not only look great, but will be fully EHO compliant and long lasting.

Foodsafe Sheet Plastic

Large PVC based solid plastic sheets, jointed with interlocking extruded sections and angle strips. The product is similar to Altro Whiterock although far more competitive in terms of price. Foodsafe sheet plastic covers almost all wall surfaces and can be tailored to suit the contours of any room. The smooth plastic is extremely easy to clean, virtually eliminates dirt traps, and is fully compliant with Environmental Health requirements.

The plastic fits tightly against flooring and ceilings and all joints are sealed with silicone to provide a complete hygienic seal. The images  show the transformation that can be achieved.

Hygienic wall cladding

PVC Wall Cladding


PVC Wall Cladding

We can install PVC wall coverings to suit a space of almost any shape, dimension or style.

Stainless steel wall claddding

Stainless Steel Wall Cladding

Stainless steel wall cladding is ideal for areas which are directly subject to high temperatures, for example behind cooking ranges and under extract canopies. Also very easy to clean and fully EHO compliant, stainless steel sheeting can be tailored to suit most cooking areas.

The junctions between walls, floors and ceilings are formed with special trims to create a totally watertight, hygienically proven seal.


Stainless steel wall cladding

Wall Tiling

Whether by preference, or to match existing walls, KCM can also provide a full tiling service in any style, to suit any room.

Wall tiling


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Hygienic wall cladding, stainless steel wall cladding and wall tiles for restaurants and other foodservice establishments