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All our cooking equipment is displayed in the categories as below, there is a huge range from many different manufacturers covering every different type of application from light duty to industrial.

In addition to the individual pieces of equipment available, some of the items form part of a range or modular suite of products specifically designed to complement each other. This is often ideal in a small to medium type of catering environment, for an overview of the modular ranges available click on the links below.

LINCAT OPUS 700 - Medium to Heavy duty gas and electric catering equipment
LINCAT Silverlink 600 - Light to Medium gas and electric duty catering equipment
LINCAT LYNX 400 - Light duty electric fast food equipment
FALCON Chieftain - Heavy duty gas and electric catering equipment
FALCON Dominator - Medium duty gas and electric catering equipment
FALCON 350 - Light to Medium duty gas and electric compact catering equipment

FALCON PRO-LITE - Light duty electric catering equipment

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Catering Equipment

Prime Cooking Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Equipment


Bains Marie - Gastronorm Electric
Bains Marie - Round Pots Electric
Bains Marie - Gas

Bratt Pans - Electric
Bratt Pans - Gas

Boiling Pans - Electric
Boiling Pans - Gas

Boiling Tops - Electric
Boiling Tops - Ceramic Top Electric
Boiling Tops - Gas

Chargrills - Electric
Chargrills - Gas - Lavarock
Chargrills - Gas - Radiant

Chip Scuttles

Combi Ovens - Falcon / Eloma - Compact
Combi Ovens - Falcon / Eloma - Multimax B
Combi Ovens - Falcon / Eloma - Genius (Electric)
Combi Ovens - Falcon / Eloma - Genius (Gas)
Combi Ovens - Kelvin
Combi Ovens - Leventi
Combi Ovens - Lincat SelfCooking Center
Combi Ovens - Lincat CombiMaster

Combi Ovens - Rational SelfCooking Center (Electric)
Combi Ovens - Rational SelfCooking Center (Gas)
Combi Ovens - Rational CombiMaster (Electric)
Combi Ovens - Rational CombiMaster (Gas)

Contact Grills

Crepe Machines

Doughnut Fryer

Fryers - Single Pan Countertop Electric
Fryers - Twin Pan Countertop Electric
Fryers - Countertop Gas

Fryers - Single Pan Floor Standing Electric
Fryers - Twin Pan Floors Standing Electric
Fryers - Single Pan Floor Standing Gas
Fryers - Twin Pan Floor Standing Gas
Fryers - Falcon Infinity Pre-Mix Fryers

Fume Filtration Units


Griddles - Chrome - Gas
Griddles - Machined Steel / Iron - Gas
Griddles - Chrome - Electric
Griddles - Machined Steel / Iron - Electric

Griddle Grill

Grills / Salamander Grills - Gas
Grills / Salamander Grills - Electric

Hot Dog Machines

Induction Hobs

Kebab Grills & Knives

Microwave Ovens
Microwave / Convection / Grill Combi Ovens

Ovens - Atmospheric Steaming
Ovens - Bake Off - Electric
Ovens - Convection - Electric
Ovens - Convection - Gas
Ovens - Conveyor - Electric & Gas
Ovens - General Purpose - Electric
Ovens - General Purpose - Gas

Oven Ranges - Four Burner Gas
Oven Ranges - Six Burner Gas
Oven Ranges - Eight & Ten Burner Gas
Oven Ranges - Burner / Solid Top Combi
Oven Ranges - Solid Top Gas
Oven Ranges - Electric
Oven Ranges - Ceramic Top Electric
Oven Ranges - Duel Fuel

Pasta Boilers

Rice Cookers

Stockpot Stoves

Toasters - Mini Grill
Toasters - Slot
Toasters - Rotary

Waffle Irons

Wok Ranges / Stations

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